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Episode 204 - Arks of Omen 3: Vashtorr

This episode features a narrative battle report and some hot Hulk-on-Hulk action. Join us for our preview of Arks of Omen: Vashtorr.

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The Arks of Omen series continues and we chat about the lore and new rules. Nick joined us about a narrative game we played with the new World Eaters!
The Votann in the employ of the Rogue Traders have recovered their shipmates who had been blown out into space from the flight deck. They re-enter the ship through the hole left by the Thousand Sons' boarding torpedo and immediately engage the enemy. During the discussion about our game, we talk in detail about our first experience using the new Boarding Actions rules.
We are finally able to talk about Arks of Omen 1: Abaddon. We're really excited to finally have a story focusing on the denizens of Imperium Noctis and even more excited for new rules for doing battles in enclosed spaces. We can't wait to incorporate these rules in our narrative games.

Recent Altar of War Episodes

There shall be no savior for the human population of this world. Two forces, the Drukhari and the Night Lords, battle one-another over the right to claim these unfortunate souls. All the human prey can do is flee and hide… and hope the terrors pursuing them don’t notice. In this episode, Adam brings his Drukhari against Dave who is fielding the new Chaos Space Marines codex. The scenario for this episode is available for download. Note that some edits have been made since we played this game.
Adam’s horde Orks and Kendrick’s mixed Tyranids fight a battle of attrition ultimate supremacy in the Warzone Octarius narrative mission “Break the Stalemate”.
Well, it took quite some time for this episode to be published, but like the Titanic ghost ship from Ghost Busters 2, better late than never. Tucker joined Adam for a narrative battle between the Sisters of Battle and some Daemon Orks!

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