We were delayed about six months, but we finally managed to get the show on the road!

Episode #1 of The Masters of the Forge Podcast is up, and the topic is the Space Marine Battles book “Death of Antagonis” by David Annandale.

This is the first of a two-part series, helping you recreate some of the key battles in the book.

The episode: Episode #1

The game supplement: Episode 1+2 supplement

Zombie Tokens: PDF printout template

The book: The Death of AntagonisBlack Library

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  1. St. Murphy says:

    I haven’t listened to the the show yet, only because I am going to read Death of Antagonis first. (This week). I was a huge fan of DSR and I’m really excited to listen to your new show. I love the focus on the fluff and the narrative gaming.

  2. Craig Denholm says:

    I was searching ‘Zone Mortalis’ for painting inspiration when I saw your podcast with an episode on that very subject. I’d heard about you guys through listening to The Independent Characters podcast and always meant to give you a listen. I am glad I did, the ZM episode was great,Thanks .

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