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We’re back in the virtual studio to bring you more 40k lore and rules! In a dark future where every resource is precious, the ability to use a small force to cause massive havoc is a valuable tool. This episode details the invisible threats of the 40k universe featuring the Enslavers, Ork Kommandos, and Cultist Infiltrators.

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  1. Pagumb says:

    I really enjoyed the invisible threats episode and supplement. My one question about using the enslaver rules is what sized base do you think the models would go on? I’m thinking 40mm but why I don’t know.

    I bought a Reaper Miniatures Devourer miniature from their Warlords Darkspawn line yesterday as a first enslaver base model – https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Darkspawn/latest/14076 – I’ll be removing the head and trying to get a large single eye in its place. Thanks for the rules ideas and fun discussion on the podcast.

    • Snorre says:

      I would go with a 25- or 40mm base, but I don’t know if there are any official records of the size of those things.

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