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In this episode, we start a new series focusing on the many ways you can use Astra Militarum to create counts-as armies.  We kick the series off by discussing counts-as with Inquisitor Steve from the Overlords, then move on to talk about how to represent Gue’vesa on the tabletop.

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  1. Gideon says:

    Hey guys,

    Gideon from Germany here (600Miles away from Kamil). I just wanted you to now, that I was listening to this episode with no clue of what it’s gonne be about. You know I-Tunes just jumping from ep.005 to 006. And I was just painting some stuff for my Tau, when you announced it’s gonne be about Gue’vesa. I looked down at the little Gue’vesa Dude I had in hand and thought: I’ll be damned!

    I just needed to share my (very, very positive) bewilderment at this crazy coincident.

    In case you want see what I’m working on, here’s two (older) blog posts of my WIP Tau army with the Gue’vesas:

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