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While the topical segment of this episode does feature Star Eagles-related content with some nemeses created by all three hosts, it should prove interesting. Also, Episode 8 features our first Campaign Talk segment with special guest, Inquisitor Steve.

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Codex: Star Eagles (Draft Final)

The Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge:


Armies on Parade for the first half of the HPC:




The Overlords:




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  1. Dave with the Dark Angels says:

    Firstly, unabashed praise: Utterly Fantastic Podcast. Secondly I can honestly say I have never had the urge to start a space marine chapter based on someone else’s homebrew chapter the fluff snapshots and bolt on adversaries are not only inspired but quite easily adaptable to other chapters without too much effort.
    Finally I love that you are cross pollinating your campaigns into a multi national world wide campaign with elements of the GW led 3rd war for Armageddon and Eye of Terror campaigns.

    To the three of you (plus Steve) thanks for the effort and personally making my return to “The Hobby” after a twelve year hiatus so much fun.

    • Adam Fasoldt says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Dave. I hope we can continue to inspire you. Please don’t hesitate to give us more feedback whether it’s nice words like this or criticisms of how we can provide better content to our listeners.

      • Dave with the Dark Angels says:

        You’re welcome and the only question I have is why “The Nest” would not the Star Eagles have an Eyrie? (Nest works fine by the way).

        • Adam Fasoldt says:

          Literally because I didn’t want to copy the castle in A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). 🙂

          • Dave with the Dark Angels says:

            Well played. Indeed I had forgotten about that crazy place.
            On a gameplay note I tried out the fog rules from the damnos supplement and ended up just rolling scatter for the whole table. If the fog scattered off board we just brought it around and a “new” fog bank came on directly opposite. That simple change allowed for much faster fog movement and was attributed to the wind. In future games we are tossing up the idea to have water sources (ie lakes and rivers) generating a new fog bank section each turn or on a roll of a 4+ or so.

          • Adam Fasoldt says:

            Awesome. I think that’s a good solution.

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