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We’ve delved into the Black Library one more time for another show focusing on bringing a novel to life on the tabletop.  This time it’s a continuation of the Damnos saga with Spear of Macragge and a re-visit of the Spearhead rules. BIG TIME SPOILER ALERT! Also we have Campaign Talk, and, of course, our weeks.  We had fun reading and discussing this book and we hope you enjoy our discussion about it.

Please download On Your Tabletop: Spear of Macragge

Spear of Macragge on the Black Library site

Nick Kyme’s Website


Xorn IV Campaign site post with pics of the battle between the Transcendant C’tan and Stompa

Xorn IV Campaign site post with pics of the battles over the spaceports




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  1. Dave with the Dark Angels says:

    Firstly, Thanks all fo aiding my daily commute.
    Whilst idling betwixt yet another ‘immobilized vehicle’ I got to thinking of some of the more cinematic versions of the fog bank ideas. I.e. the aquila macro cannon and its supersonic wave causing a fog scatter effect in a 2d6 range using the same method as flying monstrous creatures.
    Or having a zooming flyer cause a d6 scatter in its flight path. And hovering flyers down draft creating a circular scatter.

    Add to this the potential for billowing smoke plumes or forge world vents. Or some 30k styled death guard home world of chemos with fog above or below set points.

    Anyway… I will just stop typing and say keep up the awesome podcast.

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