Diggaz rompin'!

We have returned from our winter break! In this episode, we regail you with stories of how we spent our holiday vacation and then go into great detail about Diggaz… human refugees who scrape by in Human society.

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Diggaz Datasheet:


Grim Dark of Winter Tournament Results

Rob Meade’s Matrix-Themed Chaos Space Marines

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Gigantor says:

    Why have you done this to me? I was so excited about the Rebels and Heretics army to go with my Daemons and small CSM warband. After this awesome episode all I want to do is take the IG stuff that I have set aside for chaos and turn them into Diggas!! Especially to go with the part about controlling the Necrons. What’s to say that they didn’t loot some sort of command and control node and now they have the power? If you restricted the Necrons to just basic troops running their minimum protocols that could work. What would you say would be options for them? Flayed ones, warriors, maybe some destroyers? I can’t see any Canoptek stuff hitting the table, but maybe a rogue Cryptek who is aiding them until the time is right?

    And I’m just imagining the fun that could be had with one of each of a Chimera, Trukk, Taurox, and Battlewagon kit and just assembling like a Mekboy.

  2. Pagumb says:

    Really enjoyed the Digga content including the hobbying ideas and lists. Seems like there is a lot of fluffy, story telling potential around how any particular group of Diggas came to be. Great stuff Adam and Snorre.

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