Mentors vs Biel-tan

The Mentors are a unique Space Marines Chapter which acts as tutors to other forces of the Imperium, even other Adeptus Astartes Chapters. The Biel-tan are a xenophobic faction of Eldar who are bent on the Galactic dominion of their species. This episode provides information on these factions, gives ideas on how to represent them on the tabletop, and pits them against each other in a Campaign Seed. Also included is a narrative battle report detailing the events of the first part of Adam’s Raid on Pakeshi IV 4-game campaign.

00:00:00-00:19:23 – Intro
00:20:17-00:34:55 – Mentors
00:35:25-00:51:09 – Biel-tan
00:51:41-01:12:45 – On Your Tabletop
01:12:45-01:39:14 – Narrative Battle Report – Raid on Pakeshi IV – Part 1 – Planetfall
01:39:14-01:41:09 – Outtro

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  1. Francois Leclerc says:

    Thanks a lot for the episode. I’m very happy that you covered the Mentors and I like the rules you came up with. The variety of chapter tactics wasn’t something that I had considered.

    Here is some of the fluff that I adopted for the Mentors:

    Mentor Legion lithany:
    Knowledge focuses Skill, Skill brings strength, and Strength empowers Knowledge.

    Derived from:
    “Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused. Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear, and, without Strength, Knowledge may not be applied.” – Alexander the Great’s Chief Physician

    Mentor Legion Call – Short:
    Caller: Know
    Response: The enemy
    Caller: Know
    Response: Yourself
    Caller: Know
    Response: Victory

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