Sons of malice

In this episode, we explore Malal (or Malice), a minor Chaos god and its followers. We also present some rules for running a Killzone campaign and give you an example campaign pitting the Sons of Malice, the Scourged, and the Ecclesiarchy against each other.

Please read the new rules and give us some ideas for Event rules or any other advice you would care to give.

Listen now:

00:00:00 – 00:15:29 – Intro
00:15:29 – 00:34:57 – Malal
00:34:57 – 00:40:40 – The Scourged
00:40:40 – 01:03:07 – The Ashes of Lore: a Killzone Campaign
01:03:07 – 01:18:47 – Outtro

Special Operations: Killzone  v.7.05-alpha

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Brother Marshal Nayvos says:

    Hey, First off I just started listening to your podcast and I have to say you all are a fresh and welcomed voice and I definitely putting you in my listen category (among the long war and FTN) so great job!
    Also I have to say I love the rules for killzone as I currently only have the resources to play small games (I live in China). It also makes the game accessible and portable and you guys did a great job at bringing in some options to the kill teams game as well as fixing some problems with kill teams(such as holes in the game). That’s my props to you!
    That being said is there any way I can help you out exploring the rules(though you have it taken care of i bet) or if you could use some data from my experience using your rules. Just let me know.
    Finally I like to be a part of the bolter and chainsword forum and recently(as a BT) we had a sweet narrative campaign within the last 4-6 months and it was the some great gaming for me- Have you ever considered that for Killzone? I think doing something with your listeners and writing our some campaign mission rules and then tallying them to show how the campaign proceeds would really work well and be awesome. I know it is a bunch of work but it could be a big draw. Just a thought.

    well thank you guys and I will keep listening!
    Brother Marshal Nayvos

    • Adam Fasoldt says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment, Nayvos. I am very much interested in your experiences with the game and fine-tuning it. Running a campaign would be something I’d absolutely love to do with our show at some point and as time goes on… multiple times.

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