Adam and Jason are joined by special guest, Justin from the It Will Not Die podcast on the Freebooters Network to discuss the building and care of custom Zone Mortalis battlefields.

Listen Now:

Adam’s Lumber/FaT Mat Zone Mortalis:

IWND Cave Zone Mortalis:

IWND Foam Mortalis:

G3 Santa Cruz Relentless Despair Construction Post:

Scott Robertson’s FaT Mat Zone Mortalis Battlefield:

Irondog Studios:

The Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge 2016:

Upstate Honor Guard Facebook Page:

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  1. Vin says:

    I’m only half way through this episode… but just the mere mention of Heroquest got me salivating and I couldn’t help adding an immediate comment here.

    So is that standard Heroquest or Advanced Heroquest? …we got super into the latter here for a short period, which only lost steam as we transitioned into Age of Sigmar. Now I intend to start a Silver Tower campaign once I get everything built!

    Anyway, I went as far as to write my own Mod for AHQ: – which was just an incredible game, but even the regular HQ was a great time.

    Ok that’s all for now – back to the podcast, thanks for the motivation!

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