After weeks of serious hardware issues, we have released our episode on telling Tyranid narratives. The sound isn’t great, but we think the content is awesome. We have a chat with Timbo about playing narratively with Tyranids. We have a game using the new Tyranids codex with Josh and Hank. We have a chat with The Honest Wargamer about their new show. This one is jam packed, folks. Hopefully, our hardware issues will be resolved for episode 106.


Intro: 00:00:00 – 00:28:51
Tyranid Narratives: 00:28:51 – 01:10:04
Tyranids vs Eldar: 01:10:04 – 01:52:35
Interview with the Honest Wargamer: 01:52:35 – 02:40:47
Outro: 02:40:47 – End

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