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Adam’s Drukhari Wych Cult bound to the service of the Kabal of the Dying Sun along with a contingent of hired blades have infiltrated a Connor’s Death Guard facility. Here, the Death Guard have hooked up a plague engine which is pumping vile contagion into a webway gate. The Cult seeks to destroy the Death Guard and cleanse the gate.

The Machine Empire has been investigating the location of Trazyn and whatever of the Storm Lord’s libraries exist throughout the galaxy. Mondo has been marginally successful at unearthing waystones which have led him to a small T’au outpost on a largely nondescript world on the outskirts of Ultramar. The little world had many more names than its limited importance would normally warrant, but it had changed hands many times over the aeons. To the Necrontyr, it was called Baed-shetah.

Of course, Mondo’s Tombship made short work of the plodding child-race’s pitiful fleet, but the battle left enough time for the presence of Necron vessels in the vicinity to awaken the sleeping Necron facility beneath the planet’s surface. As Mondo’s fleet fell into orbit, the ancient facility transmitted warning messages, demanding that the interlopers keep their distance. Ancient Necrontyr identification and key codes were denied wholesale. Whatever lay beneath the surface of Baed-shetah was for Imotekh’s eyes only.

Still, there was a great deal of activity on the little world’s surface.   Swarms of scarabs toiled with great speed devouring wrecked T’au technology and using the digested energy to construct defenses for the Necron facility. The Machine Empire’s chief Cryptek,  Klank, surmised that the location would be nearly impregnable within the hour if the Machine Empire did not strike quickly. As such, Mondo ordered an immediate ground assault, mobilising whatever show of force could be mustered.

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