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Episode 217 - Blood Ravens 1st Company Task Force & Sons of Medusa Ironstorm Spearhead

Jason and Adam came up with fantasy Crusade armies using the new Space Marines Codex, exploring two different ways you can theme your Crusades. Jason put together an example of how you can build a force that represents one specific aspect of a diverse faction while Adam builds a force that represents the unique flavor of a Chapter with a distinct combat doctrine.

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The fellas got together for real life to celebrate their friend, play Warhammer, and enjoy the finer things.
Kendrick and Adam have been playing an ongoing campaign using the Leviathan supplement. They get together to discuss the goings-on of the campaign and to discuss the new Tyranids models and Codex. Thanks to Warhammer Community Team for providing the new models and Codex for discussion. Check out Administratum by GoonHammer:
We begin our adventure breathing new life into old supplements with the Wrath of Magnus. In this episode, we convert the missions and some special mission rules in that book for 10th edition.  

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There shall be no savior for the human population of this world. Two forces, the Drukhari and the Night Lords, battle one-another over the right to claim these unfortunate souls. All the human prey can do is flee and hide… and hope the terrors pursuing them don’t notice. In this episode, Adam brings his Drukhari against Dave who is fielding the new Chaos Space Marines codex. The scenario for this episode is available for download. Note that some edits have been made since we played this game.
Adam’s horde Orks and Kendrick’s mixed Tyranids fight a battle of attrition ultimate supremacy in the Warzone Octarius narrative mission “Break the Stalemate”.
Well, it took quite some time for this episode to be published, but like the Titanic ghost ship from Ghost Busters 2, better late than never. Tucker joined Adam for a narrative battle between the Sisters of Battle and some Daemon Orks!

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