Mark has put together a whimsical and thoughtful narrative for his Necrons which he shared with us in this episode. Listen Now: Timings:Intro: 0 – 36:06Narrative of the Machine Empire: 36:06 – 56:47Story Time: 56:47 – 1:22:43Outro: 1:22:43 – end Please listen to these other great podcasts: NGC 40k: The Adeptus Terra Podcast Don’t forget that we are always accepting “commercials” for your blogs, podcasts, local game groups, or […]

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With everyone else busy with Real Life ®, Adam has taken some time to write a short story featuring both his Knight House, House Draco, and his Space Marines Chapter, the Star Eagles. He hopes you don’t mind his clumsy accents and his sanctimony. He can’t get enough sanctimony. Thanks to Pete from NGC 40k for assistance with the voice filters. Listen Now: You can read the story instead if […]

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