At Masters of the Forge, we offer narrative rules for the games you play on your tabletop. Please feel free to play with these rules and give us feedback on your experiences. Many of the rules presented here would benefit from good playtesting. Please don’t hesitate to change any rules partway through your game to better facilitate fair and narrative play.

Current Edition Content

Codex: Squat Warpnauts

On Your Tabletop – Battlezone – Death World Forests

On Your Tabletop  РExodites

On Your Tabletop – Iron Warriors

Narrative Campaign – Enmity of an Age

Narrative Campaign – Magnum Inquitatem – Emperor’s Children vs Iron Hands

Narrative Campaign – We Few – Adeptus Custodes

Previous Edition Content

Scenarios and Campaigns

Altar of War – Imperial Knights

Narrative Campaign – Battle of the Fang

Narrative Campaign – Black Deeds

Narrative Campaign – Death of Antagonis

Narrative Campaign – The Fall of Damnos

Narrative Campaign – The Forges of Ghorrok

Narrative Campaign – The Raid on Pakeshi IV

Narrative Campaign – Skitariius

Narrative Campaign – Yarrick: Imperial Creed

Narrative Campaign Seed – The Pleasures of War

Narrative Social Event – The War on Emperor’s Day

Narrative Path to Glory – WAAGH!


On Your Tabletop – Stand-Alone Missions

On Your Tabletop – Imperial Faction Houserules

On Your Tabletop – Chaos Faction Houserules

On Your Tabletop – Xenos Faction Houserules

On Your Tabletop – Terrain and Environmental Rules

On Your Tabletop – Codex Dark Mechanicus

On Your Tabletop – Codex Star Eagles

On Your Tabletop – Terrain and Environmental Rules

On Your Tabletop – Miscellaneous Rules