At Masters of the Forge, we offer narrative rules for the games you play on your tabletop. Please feel free to play with these rules and give us feedback on your experiences. Many of the rules presented here would benefit from good playtesting. Please don’t hesitate to change any rules partway through your game to better facilitate fair and narrative play.

8th & 9th Edition Warhammer 40k Content


Published Scenario Lookup Table (Google Document)

Published Scenario Lookup Table (Excel)


Zone Mortalis for 9th Edition

We have created rules for fighting in confined environments, building them from the ground-up with the new edition in mind.

Codex: Squat Warpnauts
New rules that imply the use of the Kharadron Overlords models.

On Your Tabletop – Battlezone – Death World Forests
Special rules that can be applied in Death World Forest situations as well as a d66 random events table.

On Your Tabletop – Great Companies of the Space Wolves
Narrative Play stratagems for your Space Wolf Great Companies.

On Your Tabletop  РExodites
A short list of simple special army rules to use with your Exodites army.

On Your Tabletop – Iron Warriors
New Warlord Trait, Stratagems, and Relic.

On Your Tabletop – Great Companies of the Space Wolves
Stratagems specific to each Great Company


Chasing the Storm Lord
A campaign pitting two subfactions of the Sautekh Dynasty against one another for conquest over hidden secrets.

The Defiled Gate
The Drukhari Wych Cult bound to the service of the Kabal of the Dying Sun along with a contingent of hired blades have infiltrated a Death Guard facility. Here, the Death Guard have hooked up a plague engine which is pumping vile contagion into a webway gate. The Cult seeks to destroy the Death Guard and cleanse the gate.

Rewards of Repentance, Consequences of Sin
A special scenario and additional rules to use with Repentia, Flagellants, Penitent Engines, and other similar units in your games.

Narrative Campaign – Enmity of an Age
This campaign is designed for the use of two players who wish to generate an instant history of sorts between their two armies, after which they can proceed to fight in further narratives in the modern era.

Narrative Campaign – Magnum Inquitatem – Emperor’s Children vs Iron Hands
A 3-game narrative campaign including special stratagems for each scenario.

Narrative Campaign – We Few – Adeptus Custodes
A 3-game narrative campaign with secret objectives, scenario-specific stratagems, and special rules specific to the Custodes and their opponent.

Kill Team Content

Expanded Kill Team Rules
Includes rules for Characters and a scenario for a cooperative boss battle.

Sisters of Battle Kill Teams
Some rules to tide you over until the new Codex is released.

Kroot Kill Teams
Who doesn’t love Kroot?

Previous Edition Content

Scenarios and Campaigns

Altar of War – Imperial Knights

Narrative Campaign – Battle of the Fang

Narrative Campaign – Black Deeds

Narrative Campaign – Death of Antagonis

Narrative Campaign – The Fall of Damnos

Narrative Campaign – The Forges of Ghorrok

Narrative Campaign – The Raid on Pakeshi IV

Narrative Campaign – Skitariius

Narrative Campaign – Yarrick: Imperial Creed

Narrative Campaign Seed – The Pleasures of War

Narrative Social Event – The War on Emperor’s Day

Narrative Path to Glory – WAAGH!


On Your Tabletop – Stand-Alone Missions

On Your Tabletop – Imperial Faction Houserules

On Your Tabletop – Chaos Faction Houserules

On Your Tabletop – Xenos Faction Houserules

On Your Tabletop – Terrain and Environmental Rules

On Your Tabletop – Codex Dark Mechanicus

On Your Tabletop – Codex Star Eagles

On Your Tabletop – Terrain and Environmental Rules

On Your Tabletop – Miscellaneous Rules