Adam and Jason waited a bit to chat Crusade so they could get a few games in first. They are joined by Brian for a bit to go over the rules and then they go into the games themselves. Download now: Timings:Intro: 0:00:00 – 26:39Crusade: 0:26:39 – 1:57:50The Awakened Campaign discussion: 1:57:50 – 2:12:52The Awakened Campaign playthrough: 2:12:52 – 3:45:07Outro: 3:45:07 – end Download the On Your Tabletop content for […]

In this special episode, Adam is joined by both Mike and Jason for three awesome games of Kill Team. This time, they are using the rules from the June 2019 White Dwarf that uses the Blackstone Fortress tiles as a unique setting for your games. Jason is playing the attacking Blood Ravens while Adam plays the Disciples of Purity Renegade Space Marines and Mike plays traitor Guardsmen. Listen Now on […]

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While everyone and their grandmother is fighting on Vigilus, including a bunch of the original Legions and First Founding Chapters, we wanted to talk about some of the lesser-known Astartes engaging in the conflict. This episode, therefore, is about the Renegade Chapters and Successor Chapters engaging in the conflict. Also, Adam is joined by Mike in a couple Vigilus scenarios. Timestamps:Intro: 00:00:00 – 00:44:22Games with mike: 00:44:22 – 01:07:24Renegade Chapters […]