This will be our last show for at least a month, but it’s a great one! The two novels about the Phoenix Lords by Gav Thorpe have loads of exposition for the Eldar and the history of the 40k lore. You don’t want to miss this episode. Note that there are super duper tons of spoilers in here. Timestamps Intro: 0 – 22:30 Asurmen: 22:30 – 83:31 Jain Zar: 83:31 – […]

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Episode 3 of Masters of the Forge: Altar of War features the first part of a 4-part campaign sponsored by Tablewar. Josh brings his Eldar against John’s Grey Knights in a narrative battle using the new Shadow War Kill Teams rules. This was a great game played on the new Ruined City FAT Mat using a really fun ruleset. Listen now: Masters of the Forge: The Ruined City […]

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Please enjoy Adam and Jason’s perspective on the rules of Fracture of Biel-Tan and how they impact narrative play. This week’s content includes their perspective on the missions and also a couple of fun, narrative lists. In addition, we have an interview with Mike from Astronomi-con. Listen Now: The Gathering Storm II – Fracture of Biel-Tan at the GW Webstore: Astronomi-con The Narrative 40k Facebook Page […]

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