Continuing the coverage of Kill Team, Adam and Josh have gotten together to play an accellerated 3-game campaign with the new rules. Josh brought his Harlequins and Adam used an Ork Kommando team. Listen Now: Geek Nation Tours Be sure to let us know what missions you’d like us to try next! Email: Twitter: @mastersofforge Facebook:

Adam and Jason are joined by Mike to talk about the 60,000 point Apocalypse game they played along with Skip and Phil. Listen Now The Adeptus Terra Podcast NGC 40K Podcast The Splintermind Podcast The Narrative 40k Facebook Page Upstate Honor Guard Events Don’t forget that we are always accepting “commercials” for your blogs, podcasts, local game groups, or events. These are offered free […]

Masters of the Forge has returned from their holiday break. In this episode, Jason and Adam dust off and nuke the place from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure, after all. After a chat about the year in review, they go over the Planetstrike rules from Chapter Approved. Adam is joined by SkipJohn to play the first planetstrike mission with DOrks vs. Grey Knights! Also, new equipment has […]

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