AROOOO! In this episode, Jason and Adam get together to discuss the Great Companies of the Space Wolves while providing some custom Stratagems to use in your narrative games for these subfactions. In addition, Adam talks with Phil, a long-time Space Wolf player, about his reactions to the new codex. Listen Now On Your Tabletop for Episode 120 – Stratagems of the Great Companies Sisters of Battle Kill […]

Adam and James have come together to try out the new Thousand Sons codex in a narrative mission. Adam brought his Star Eagles Space Marines to end a fel ritual in the shelled-out ruins of an ancient Tizcan outpost. James will stop at nothing to unleash the terrible powers sequestered beneath the surface of the broken bones of his Legion’s old outpost. Listen Now: Masters of the Forge: Geek […]

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With the new Codex out, Adam, Jason, and Snorre are back to discuss the lore of the Death Guard Space Marines Legion. Of course, they also have a bit to say about the hobby side of things. As a special treat, the show is punctuated with a discussion between Adam and special guest, Pat, about the game they had using the new Death Guard Codex thanks to Games Workshop. Timings: […]

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