Adam “Loopy” Fasoldt has been a gamer since the mid-1990s and has been a GM for various game systems for just as long. He’s played Warhammer 40,000 since 2010. Loopy quickly began engaging in the community and making friends. He enjoys unapologetically and vociferously promoting the whole hobby wherever he goes, including his blog, WAAGH! Drillteef. He loves to paint and has over 20,000 points of painted Orks. Most of all, however, he feels that what is best in life is rolling dice and telling stories with friends.


Jason Mitchell was first introduced to gaming when he was in second grade and his mom gave him the D&D starter box in an effort to entice him to read. It worked! Since then, Jason has been involved with various RPG systems including D&D, and Shadowrun. During his graduate work, he rediscovered his love for miniature gaming, which had been long dormant, when he wandered into a Games Workshop store and was given a free space marine. (Thanks Brett!)

Jason is still a relative newcomer to the 40k universe, having begun his foray into the game at the beginning of 2013, and considers himself primarily a narrative player. His primary army is a Blood Ravens space marine chapter but has been recently seen building orks and mechanicus as well as a homemade Zone Mortalis board.


John “Skip” Batch had his first experience with the Warhammer 40,000 hobby with the 3rd edition Main Rule Book, although he didn’t really get into the game until 2009. Over the better part of a decade he has collected and painted Grey Knights, Astra Militarum , Mechanicus and Mechanicum. He enjoys collecting and painting armies that fit into the GW campaign narratives and local club events. His favorite aspect about the Warhammer 40,000 hobby however is the interaction and relationships that gamers get to build with each other whilst rolling dice and making various laser sound effects. He is looking forward to finally having his Mechanicus army done and getting the oppertunity to travel around the New England area, meeting new folks at tournaments.


When he was young and naïve, Snorre was lured to the Greater Good, but as with everything that looks promising but is ultimately hollow, he got disillusioned and embraced the Eightfold Path instead. Papa Nurgle gave him true belonging, although he sometimes parties with the Night Lords. His love for miniatures is at times overshadowed by his love for the Mi-8 helicopter, and is therefore not as active on the podcast, instead spending time at the 40k game-club or flying with his sim-group.


Former Hosts and Contributors:


Jim “Big Jim” Vidlak Jr. has been an active member of the community since time immemorial and was to be one of the founding members of this podcast until he began to follow his dreams as a game developer for Prodoss Games.


Has been into Games Workshop games since 1998, and it is the lore that keeps this Munich-based hobbyist and freelance designer/illustrator constantly engrossed in Warhammer 40,000, while keeping his hands busy with the endless possibilities of converting, painting and narrative gaming. He’s on board to share his enthusiasm, german thoroughness and funny accent with the listeners. Since the second edition of 40k, he tried (and left behind) half a dozen of other wargaming systems as well as Tyranid, Space Marine, Eldar and Imperial Guard armies, currently expanding his Astral Spectres Astartes and Emperor’s Children warband. His gaming philosophy is, to quote the man himself, “Have fun, you know, whatever”. Besides that, he keeps himself busy with writing, artwork, traditional tabletop and online RPGs, swimming, and a whole lot of walking. (He’s not a car person.)


Stephen “Inquisitor Steve” Burley is of the Overlords podcast royalty and is an overall nice guy. He joins us now and again to discuss the goings-on of his narrative gaming.