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Episode 188 - Tyranids Get Takeout

Adam and Jason have been busy beavers, but here's your episode! Since Crusade is so intertwined with the intricate rules in the new Codexes, we also briefly went over the main rules section.

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The Thousand Sons must resort to a more direct approach against the Ork infestation. The sorcerer, flanked by a powerful daemonic entity and an ancient dreadnought, drive forward through the Orks' place of power to find the source of their power.
At Adepticon 2022, we met up with some good friends, had some great games, made terrible dietary and self-care choices, bought some cool stuff, had some incredible experiences, and recorded a podcast about it.
We were joined by Eric from the Variance Hammer blog and Lost to the Nails podcast to discuss the Lore and Crusade content from the new Vigilus Alone campaign book. 

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Well, it took quite some time for this episode to be published, but like the Titanic ghost ship from Ghost Busters 2, better late than never. Tucker joined Adam for a narrative battle between the Sisters of Battle and some Daemon Orks!
Dave hauled out the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex vs. Adam’s Dread Mob. Note: this battle report was recorded using the old 8th Edition Orks codex.
Adam faces off with his Drukhari against Mike using the new Death Guard in a Beyond the Veil Strike Force mission, “The Stilled”.

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