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Episode 173 - Forge World Ossuary

Tech Priest Manipulus Mark has joined us to tell us about the lovingly-crafted narrative for his Forge World. This includes a narrative for both his Adeptus Mechanicus force and their Knight allies.

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Jason has been playing the new Kill Team and we got together to talk about the new campaign rules. We also talked a bit about Warhammer+ and bring you Phil's review on the new Death Korps models.
We have read through the second wave of Warzone Charadon lore and the Crusade rules and in this episode we cover both. Look to other podcasts or future episodes of our show for coverage on the other supplemental rules and missions. We also had an interview with Chris Morgan about his new Narrative-themed 40k podcast.
Mark joins us to discuss the lore, hobby, and rules of his Primaris Warhounds army. Mark's Instagram:

Recent Altar of War Episodes

Dave hauled out the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex vs. Adam’s Dread Mob. Note: this battle report was recorded using the old 8th Edition Orks codex.
Adam faces off with his Drukhari against Mike using the new Death Guard in a Beyond the Veil Strike Force mission, “The Stilled”.
Aaron brings his new 9th edition Deathwatch into battle against Adam’s Orks in a Matched play Strike Force game.

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