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Episode 150 - The Sasquactch Centennial S*** Show

Adam and Jason are joined by Matt along with Sam and Carl for a friendly and casual discussion about our sesquicentennial milestone, the current state of Warhammer, and the community.

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The Psychic Awakening: Pariah supplement included several updated Theatres of War intended for use in your Narrative Play games of 40k. In this episode we discuss those and also come up with some new ones for you to use in your games.
Jason and Adam got together to jaw in detail about the lore of Psychic Awakening: Pariah and the Inquisition rules found within. Of course, there's plenty of time committed to shenanigans and a d66 table.
Jason and Adam are back to their Current Events reporting to discuss the happenings of the Psychic Awakening: Engine War and War of the Spider. They also touch on the lore behind the new units presented in these books and also take the time to generate a few names from a number of d66 tables.

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Mondo and his lieutenants have marched through the depths of the Vault, awakening and taking over the Sautekh Dynasty’s warriors the whole way. As they drew close to the heart of the Vault, resistance intensified, but they were able to push through with a small force. There, an acolyte of the Silent King has been toiling to unlock secrets lost to the Necrons since before the Great Sleep. Mondo wants these secrets for himself, but he must first defeat the acolyte’s sturdy Destroyer Cult bodyguards.
Thanks to their Tomb Sentinels, The Machine Empire has delved deep into the Storm Lord’s vault on Baed-shetah. Although their hearts are iron, Mondo and Machinia feel they will find at least some small vengeance in the depths of the vault, if not clues to the cure they seek. Clearly, the Vault held something of import, and the Machine Empire would have it, whatever it may be.
The Machine Empire has been investigating the location of Trazyn and whatever of the Storm Lord’s libraries exist throughout the galaxy. Mondo has been marginally successful at unearthing waystones which have led him to a small T’au outpost on a largely nondescript world on the outskirts of Ultramar. The little world had many more names than its limited importance would normally warrant, but it had changed hands many times over the aeons. To the Necrontyr, it was called Baed-shetah.

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