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Episode 191 - Rift War & Thousand Sons on Crusade

In this episode which can only be categorized as "super chonk", we delve into the Rift War supplement and chat about Thousand Sons on Crusade. We also have a discussion with Tony from the Narrative Wargamer podcast about the successful Crucible of War event he put on recently.

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We played a game wrapping up our Wars of Faith Crusade. The Thousand Sons make a final push to claim the source of the Orks' incredible psychic power.
We were joined by Bob, long-time Chaos Knights player, to talk about both of the new Knights Codexes. This one has a bit of a higher salt and comp talk than usual.
Adam and Jason have been busy beavers, but here's your episode! Since Crusade is so intertwined with the intricate rules in the new Codexes, we also briefly went over the main rules section.

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Adam’s horde Orks and Kendrick’s mixed Tyranids fight a battle of attrition ultimate supremacy in the Warzone Octarius narrative mission “Break the Stalemate”.
Well, it took quite some time for this episode to be published, but like the Titanic ghost ship from Ghost Busters 2, better late than never. Tucker joined Adam for a narrative battle between the Sisters of Battle and some Daemon Orks!
Dave hauled out the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex vs. Adam’s Dread Mob. Note: this battle report was recorded using the old 8th Edition Orks codex.

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