Change is coming

We're proud to have been your Narrative Play podcast since April of 2014. Our methodologies have changed over that time, as have our lives. The world has changed, editions have changed, and the podcasting landscape has changed. We'd like to think our voice and our place in your life hasn't.

We continue to appreciate the preview copies of content that Games Workshop sends us and we want there to be value in that investement while at the same time we conitinue to face real life blockers. We also want to continue to give you reasons to keep listening and strengthen the trust you have in us to provide content you find valuable. There are more podcasts out there which provide Narrative Play content or are purely Narrative themed. As such, we figured it was time to make some small adjustments in how we deliver content.

As of January 2022, we'll be recording more Altar of War style episodes for the main podcast.

Every 1st episode of the month will be a traditional topical podcast with one or more Narrative Play and Lore themed topics. We're going to try to ensure both lore and rules are featured in these topical episodes.

In the past, battle reports titled "Altar of War" episodes have been posted mainly on the Freebooters Network with only a few on the main podcast, but that's changing. Every 2nd episode of the month will be a "Battle Report" episode released on our primary feed. This episode will feature a Battle Report recorded as the game is being played. Battle Report episodes on the main feed will still have an Intro with the usual Hobby Progress, Games Played, and Beyond the Fringe because we know how much our listeners like following it, but the meat of those episodes will be the Battle Report. We'll attempt to include at least some of the preview content GW has sent us in these episodes, but with the rapidity of the release schedule, we'll have to pick and choose the releases we're most excited about or the releases that we can find third parties who can speak to the content with a more informed opinion.

We've made this decision to ensure that we will, at the very least, get one Narrative game in per month. During the Pandemic, sometimes it felt like our discussions on Narrative gaming were purely academic. We want to make sure that our discussions are substantive.

For the time being, we will still attempt to get additional Altar of War episodes released on the Freebooters Network whenever possible. This is why we'll just be calling the episodes released on the main feed "Battle Report", to avoid confusion. Unfortunately, this means there are some older episodes on the main feed that are still categorized as "Altar of War", but we'll make an attempt to ameliorate confusion with some of the metadata on the website.

Thanks again for nearly 8 years of fun times, and we hope to be with you another 8 more. Feel free to contact us on social media or email if you have any thoughts on this or any other topic. We'd also love to hear from you if you're interested in recording a Battle Report with us and discussing your favorite army or if you'd like to come on to talk about your army's narrative.


= Adam and Jason, Masters of the Forge =