Episode 105 - A Bug in the Podcast

After weeks of serious hardware issues, we have released our episode on telling Tyranid narratives. The sound isn't great, but we think the content is awesome. We have a chat with Timbo about playing narratively with Tyranids. We have a game using the new Tyranids codex with Josh and Hank. We have a chat with The Honest Wargamer about their new show. This one is jam packed, folks. Hopefully, our hardware issues will be resolved for episode 106.


Intro: 00:00:00 - 00:28:51
Tyranid Narratives: 00:28:51 - 01:10:04
Tyranids vs Eldar: 01:10:04 - 01:52:35
Interview with the Honest Wargamer: 01:52:35 - 02:40:47
Outro: 02:40:47 - End