fallen angel

Episode 107 - Unforgiven Also

Jason and Adam are back to have a chat about the new lore for the Dark Angels in the 8th Edition codex. The topic gets more specific with the background on the Angels of Absolution. Also on the docket is some On Your Tabletop content involving how to run an Open War Narrative Campaign.

On Your Tabletop for this Episode:


Intro: 0:00:00 - 00:23:35
Dark Angels Preview: 00:23:35 -00:57:16
Angels of Absolution: 00:57:16 - ??:??:??
Message from Grand Master Azrael: ??:??:?? - ??:??:??
Open War Narrative Campaigns: ??:??:?? - 01:39:43
Outro: 01:39:43 to the end