Episode 113 - Abhumans Part 2 (Neandors to Troths)

This episode is packed with narrative goodness as we wrap up our abhumans coverage. Although Ogryn and Ratlings feature heavily, the big topic is that of the Squats. We even include a huge On Your Tabletop this week in the name of a Squats Warpnauts codex with rules for playing with your Kharadron Overlords models in 40k. 



Abhumans in the Lore Part 2: 00:17:44 - 00:42:57
Abhumans in the Lore Part 3: 00:42:57 - 00:1:09:26
Codex Squat Warpnauts: 01:09:26 - 02:18:26
Outro: 02:18:26 - end

On Your Tabletop rules download: