Renegade chapters

Episode 126 - Renegades and Successors of Vigilus

While everyone and their grandmother is fighting on Vigilus, including a bunch of the original Legions and First Founding Chapters, we wanted to talk about some of the lesser-known Astartes engaging in the conflict. This episode, therefore, is about the Renegade Chapters and Successor Chapters engaging in the conflict. Also, Adam is joined by Mike in a couple Vigilus scenarios.


Intro: 00:00:00 - 00:44:22
Games with Mike: 00:44:22 - 01:07:24
Renegade Chapters of Vigilus: 01:07:24 - 01:57:27
Successor Chapters of Vigilus: 01:57:27 - 02:17:54
Outro: 02:17:54 - end