The ORk speed freaks bear down on the tyranid position

Episode 143 - Altar of War - Scraping by in Kryptman's Folly

Adam and Jason got together to play a game on Tabletop Simulator. Jason brought a representation of his Speed Freaks army and Adam put together an army of Tyranids that he's been considering collecting. As such, they figured it'd be cool to do a scenario reflecting the events in the Octavius Cluster.

Opening audio by Toby Longworth, used with permission


Disclaimer: 00:00 - 01:00
Intro: 01:00 - 33:00
Deployment and Turn 1: 33:00 - 58:35
Turn 2 to End of Game: 59:55 - 1:39:25
Outro: 1:39:25 - end