Indomitus with Gav Thorpe

Episode 151 - Indomitus with Gav Thorpe

In addition to the usual shenanigans, we are joined by Gav Thorpe to discuss his novel, Indomitus. Prior to that, we talk about the Crusade game they played using a scenario from the Beyond the Veil mission pack. We also have a custom scenario designed to help players learn 9th edition that we was inspired by a game played by Matt from the Adeptus Terra Podcast.


0:00:00-0:30:10 - Intro

0:30:10-1:04:01 - The Refugees of Disdain and The Sorcerer battle over the source of the signal

1:04:01-2:25:04 - Gav Thorpe interview on Indomitus

2:25:04-end - Outro

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