Tyranids vs. Daemons

Episode 158 - The Fall of Shadowbrink

Detailed examples of conflicts which feature two non-human factions aren't very common. The story of the Fall of Shadowbrink comes from the 6th edition Tyranids codex and pits Hive Fleet Leviathan versus an alliance of Chaos Daemons. In this episode, we chat about the lore and playing it out on your tabletop with a 4-game narrative.


Intro: 0:00:00 - 0:46:14
Fall of Shadowbrink in the Lore: 46:14 - 1:19:30
Fall of Shadowbrink on Your Tabletop: 1:19:30 - 1:44:55
Outtro: 1:44:55 - end

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