Two beakies duking it out

Episode 192 - Horus Heresy 2.0

In this wet, hot Heresy Summer, Adam and Jason got together to play Heresy Zone Mortalis. Also, Adam hosted a heresy day at his house with some familar friends, so they all got together for a chat about the new rules. Thanks to Jared, Mike, Kendrick, and Dave for joining us for the show as well as Travis, Ben, and Mark for joining us in playing some games.


Intro: 0:00:00 - 0:42:28
Thousand Sons vs. Iron Warriors Zone Mortalis game 0:42:28 - 1:19:13
Horus Heresy 2.0 discussion: 1:19:13 - 2:42:15
Outro: 2:42:15 - end