Farsight and Snikrot having a scrap

Episode 205 - Arks of Omen 4: Farsight

After chatting about our Adepticon prep, we discuss the details and some narrative possibilites for Boarding Actions in Arks of Omen 4  with multiplayer scenarios, as well  as Manufactorum scenarios in White Dwarf.  We  also go over a quick rundown of the  new  lore.



Intro and Adepticon chat: 0:00:00 - 0:36:10
Arks of Omen 4 in the Lore: 0:36:10 - 0:56:05
Arks of Omen 4 on Your Tabletop: 0:56:05 - 1:31:47
Outro: 1:31:47 - end