Space wolves whoopin butt

Episode 22 - From the Codex to Your Tabletop - Vlka Fenryka

In this episode, we take the concept of bringing the world of 40k to life on your tabletop and apply it directly to gaming materials by Games Workshop. In this case, we are rounding out our Battle of the Fang coverage by discussing the Space Wolves. Our aim with segments such as these is to help players break away from the "what's good" in a Codex and even away from a "how is this meant to be played" context and switch to a purely narrative perspective. We look at the background of an army, then critique the Codex entries as to their viability in regards to representing the army on the tabletop. We follow up with some lists that we feel might be representative of narrative uses of those rules. Moreso than with any other format, we hope that you, the listener, will get involved in this discussion and offer up your own narrative Space Wolves lists. We are very much interested in what you think.