Orks and Blood Ravens fighting in a corridor

Episode 63 - The Forges of Ghorok Part 2 - Missions 4 & 5

After being away on vacation for some time, Jason has returned to join Adam and special Guest, Mike for Part 2 of our our 3-part series on the Forges of Ghorok Campaign. The campaign comes to a bittersweet conclusion because it will likely be the last one (at least for some time) that Jason will be able to take part in with the Flipside crew. In addition, we talk to Drew about his aspirations for running a campaign in his hobby space. Doug Johnson, the creator of the F.A.T. Mats and President of TABLEWAR™, generously gave Masters of the Forge a 6x4 Industrial and a 6x4 Underforge mat for our new campaign idea.

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