When the Black Templars arrived at the Arviat Orbital Stations, their enthusiasm in the meticulous extermination of the Coven of Agony’s Kiss was exemplary of their rich history of brutality against xenoforms. The various and imaginative mortifications wrought upon the Arviat people at the hands of the Webway Eldar revealed themselves as the Black Templars gained ground. The blasphemous manner in which the humans had been ruined infuriated the Astartes. Their zealotry in exacting justice evolved into a crimson rage. Those Dark Eldar unfortunate enough to be trapped within the confines of the various structures clinging to the surfaces of the stations, or within the stations themselves, met inglorious ends. Their delicate bodies were all but vaporised by promethium flames or blasted to chum by bolter shells. They barely had a moment to exult in their own

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