In the cold void of the bisected galaxy, dark hulks of tortured edifice loom with the promise of incredible treasures and terrible danger. Beneath the surface of countless worlds, secrets lie hidden, waiting to be discovered. Zone Mortalis is a game type for Warhammer 40,000 which allows players to engage their armies in close-quarters fighting, simulating battles in ancient space hulks, dark catacombs, twisting labyrinths, and other confined spaces. Such places are hazardous and protected by unthinkable foes, but the rewards can be great. 

In the war-ravaged confines of these spaces, the loud retorts of weapons fire are difficult to pinpoint; blasts and screams echo from everywhere and nowhere. These spaces are full of dangers unique to this environment (void exposure, radiation, variable gravity, and deadly gases to name a few) and what’s worse is that there is no escape. The aim of the Zone Mortalis game type is to transport you and your collection of models into the earnest and deadly claustrophobic combat that these close environments evoke.

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The purpose of this document is to build a new Zone Mortalis experience for 9th Edition from the ground up — it is not to re-create the rules or mechanics from previous editions of Zone Mortalis. Please keep this design philosophy in mind when reviewing this system. 

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